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7 Reasons Why You Need Overlanding Accessories and Lockers

What’s the best thing about Overlanding? The freedom to enjoy the outdoors on your own terms. Overland accessories help you make the most of the activities nature has to offer. You’ll have lots of gear to take on the road and you need to store it properly.

But it’s not just about the fun stuff. What about safety gear? What if there was an emergency and you needed to find something – fast? Slinging everything in your trailer and hoping for the best is far from ideal. 

Read on and find out the reasons why you need Overlanding accessories and lockers when camping. Let’s dive in!

Overland Accessories – Why You Need Them

1. Use Space Wisely

Using space efficiently makes room for more gear. If you have a lot of gear, you might want a full overland storage system. These systems are great for truck beds and contain numerous compartments for storing items big and small, with tie-downs for securing everything.   

Some systems have lighting and electronics set up, like the PCOR tray bed system. This makes it easy to install fridges and other devices.

 For long trips and full-time Overlanding, a storage system is a worthwhile investment.  

Types of Containers

If you don’t need a full system, overland storage boxes keep things organized. Some options are below.

  • Aluminum Cases

    Aluminum cases like the AluBox are good for storing any items. They have stackable feet, helping you organize for good use of space.

    • Rooftop Storage

      If you have space on your roof rack next to your rooftop tent, you can add storage boxes there. Otherwise, you can mount storage on top of some hardshell tents.

      On the downside, roof storage is limited. Overloading risks making your vehicle unbalanced which could cause accidents. You also need to keep within the weight limit your roof rack can support.

      If you have a lot of gear, explore the alternatives instead of relying on your roof rack. If you do need to store items on the roof, use lightweight overland storage boxes such as aluminum cases, and store light items inside them.

      Storing heavier items inside the vehicle keeps the center of gravity low, reducing the chances of tipping.

      • Drawer Systems

        This is another great option for SUVs and truck beds, with models for truck beds with or without covers. Just like your drawers at home, you can keep your goods organized, hidden from prying eyes.

        Installing drawers means you still have the whole length of the cargo area to use - you just lose some height. Manufacturers often make these systems with vibration-resistant materials, ideal for off-road travel.   

        • Cam Can Trail Box

          These two-gallon lockable containers attach to rear-mounted spare tires – perfect for quick access to top priority overland accessories like first aid kits. You can stack two of them for extra efficiency.

          Whatever containers you choose, be sure to use all existing storage in your vehicle and add on accordingly.

          2. Convenience

          It’s not just storage that makes life easier. Other must-have accessories include fridge sliders and water container mounts.

          Accessories that keep items in a fixed position make it easy to access what you need without moving other stuff out of the way first. Who wants to take things out, rummage around, find what they need then put everything back?

          The extra time spent reaching an awkwardly-positioned fridge might not sound like a big deal. But suppose you need quick access. Maybe it’s -30 degrees outside, or the monsoon is upon you. Your future self will thank you for making it easy to access what you need, instantly. Save time, save energy.

          Another tip to keep you sane - keep the items you use most often within easy reach. If you need to stretch to access something you use multiple times per day, it needs to move.

          3. Safety

          Having gear organized and secured in containers is important for safety. You don’t want fuel or other dangerous substances spilling. Keeping sharp objects packed prevents them from damaging other items when the vehicle moves.   

          4. Weatherproofing

          Waterproof containers and stormproof bags protect your gear at all times – when transporting items outside the vehicle, in humid climates, and if unexpected incidents occur.

          Even if you don’t need to take the gear out of the vehicle, wet climates can cause moisture to transfer inside from clothes and other items. If you store gear on a truck bed, you need to protect it from dust as well.

          Pelican cases are another popular Overlanding container. They’re lightweight and keep dust and water out.

          5. Bear Defense

          Now for a different type of storage – bear cans. Many campsites have metal camping lockers for visitors to use, which keep food safe from bears. They can’t get into them (providing they’re securely locked). However, they can still smell the food, so there’s no guarantee they won’t come nosing around.

          If you’re not staying at a campsite, use portable bear canisters (aka cans). They’ll keep your food safe but, like lockers, they don’t mask the scent. You can pack food in odor barrier bags for extra protection. Store toiletries in bear cans as well – any strong scents may attract them.

          6. Prevent Theft

          As well as bears, watch out for human thieves. Even in remote areas, you never know who’s lurking, so protect your prized overland possessions.

          Many off-road storage boxes are lockable but that doesn’t stop thieves from walking off with them and breaking in later. For storing high-value items while your vehicle is unattended, built-in storage is the answer.

          7. Protect Fragile Items

          Using the right storage for fragile items like medical equipment, cameras, and other electronics will protect them. With less chance of damage, you’ll save money on replacements. Use containers that have to cushion, like Pelican cases.

          To Sum Up 

          If you’re serious about Overlanding, the time will come when proper storage isn’t optional - when you’ve had enough of shuffling gear around, not knowing where anything is.

          Save yourself the frustration - invest in overland accessories that work for your vehicle. Keep things organized, within reach, and watch how smoothly your next trip runs.  

          Water storage is fundamental - Eezi-Awn has a container and mount which gives you easy access to 40 liters. It also transforms into a shower or hands washing unit.